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About us

We are an award winning independent oyster farm situated in Porlock Weir's historic harbour, an area with a proud tradition of oyster farming going back more than 100 years.

Porlock Bay, in the heart of the Exmoor National Park, is lucky enough to feature amongst only a small handful of sites around the UK’s extensive coastline to boast category A waters and the only site in England and Wales to have this top classification for pacific oysters. This is where our finest oysters thrive in semi oceanic conditions, filter feeding on fresh supplies of Atlantic plankton carried in on the tide and from where their outstanding clean, fresh flavour, so coveted by our discerning clientele, originates.

Our Oysters

With an elongated, fluted shell, Porlock Bay Oysters are highly coveted for their clean sea taste. Tip it back and taste our beloved bay: with a brine balanced by an amazing clarity of flavour, without the slighted aftertaste, a dash of honeydew melon, and a silky finish. Grown in the cold, clean waters of Porlock Bay and tumbled by strong currents and two tidal surges daily to make a truly delightful oyster. Their unique flavour is appreciated by the best chefs in the country hence our oysters are served in the finest restaurants.


Oyster farming is more than sustainable, it’s restorative!

Sustainably farmed oysters are about as organic as it gets, no manufactured feed products, they feed on all-natural filtered products from the sea. Since each oyster can filter over 55 litres of water a day, oysters taste of the land and water that surrounds them.

Not only that, oyster farming has a positive impact on the environment. Oysters purify the water they’re growing in and sequester nitrogen and CO2 from the atmosphere.


“The best oysters I have ever eaten! Fresh, clean taste, simply delicious.

Simon Harris

“A connoisseur's oyster"

Martin Hesp of the Western Morning News

Contact Us

Porlock Bay Oysters

Ship Stables

Porlock Weir, TA24 8PB

​Tel. 07435 652381 

Our Fishery & Oyster Shed is open:

Monday to Friday -10.00am until 4.00pm

Saturday & Sunday - 12.00pm until 4.30pm