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Porlock Bay Oyster

Champion Fish award winners at the Taste of the West Awards 2020.

'A wonderful and abundant fresh aroma of the sea, the rocks and seaweed' said the judges of Taste of the West Awards.

Size: Medium (100 - 120g approx).

Type: Pacific
Pairs Perfectly with:
o Family Parties
o Champagne and Dinner
o Summer BBQs

Time to market: 3 years.
Flavor Influenced by:
Salinity: 27-30 ppt full oceanic salinity
Tides: 31.5 ft. tidal range (one of the largest tidal ranges in the world)

Bottom Makeup: Sand and shingle

Your oysters will arrive in smart branded boxes designed for transport of shellfish. All products are prepared to order. Our oysters are packed just before the courier comes to collect them. Our boxes are packed with ice packs and our oysters have a 5 day shelf life from the dispatch date.

Where possible, please request your delivery the day before you plan to enjoy your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Anthony Cohen
Wonderful local produce

We’ve bought oysters from Porlock Bay on 4 or 5 occasions, and they've always been fresh and delicious. Thoroughly recommended!

Oliver Wood
Great oysters

Probably the best oysters we have ever had packed well arrived in great containers as well . .

Thomas McLaughlin
Best ever !

The trouble was that two guests arrived, that we were not expecting. So we each had four instead of six each. The oysters were superb - creamy and plump - just perfect.

claire townsend
A taste of the sea

Lovely fresh creamy oysters. Well packaged…..give yourself a treat!

Graham smart
A lovely lunch!

Really beautiful oysters and thanks for the knife although it couldn't cope with one or two toughies! Looking forward to the next delivery - the first Friday in every month would be great. I've recommended you to all!