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Porlock Bay Oyster

Champion Fish award winners at the Taste of the West Awards 2020.

'A wonderful and abundant fresh aroma of the sea, the rocks and seaweed' said the judges of Taste of the West Awards.

Size: Medium (100 - 120g approx).

Type: Pacific
Pairs Perfectly with:
o Family Parties
o Champagne and Dinner
o Summer BBQs

Time to market: 3 years.
Flavor Influenced by:
Salinity: 27-30 ppt full oceanic salinity
Tides: 31.5 ft. tidal range (one of the largest tidal ranges in the world)

Bottom Makeup: Sand and shingle

Your oysters will arrive in smart branded boxes designed for transport of shellfish. All products are prepared to order. Our oysters are packed just before the courier comes to collect them. Our boxes are packed with ice packs and our oysters have a 5 day shelf life from the dispatch date.

*** Please be aware of potential courier delays. Where possible, we suggest you request delivery the day before you plan to enjoy your order. Courier is instructed to leave safe at property.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Eleanor Holmes
Fresh and tasty

Never disappointed by Porlock Bay oysters. They are also packaged up with so much care and are simply delicious. I’d never buy oysters from anywhere else. Sarah also gets a top mention. Her service skills are just amazing - nothing is too much trouble. All in all, a brilliant product!

David H.
Terrific oysters, great packaging and delivery

Great service - lovely oysters delivered fresher than fresh with excellent packaging - highly recommended!

Olivier Durand
11 amazing , one seriously dead (bad smell)

Received on time and cold, good packaging. 11 were very good. one was not: long dead

Philippe Arnould

what a great service… thank you.


I ordered a dozen oysters for my husbands birthday, they arrived on time and were thoroughly enjoyed straight from the shell, no dressing, perfect.