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We are growing the finest Oysters

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Top A classification

from the food standards agency

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We make regular checks
to help ensure the finest quality

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The beautiful Porlock Bay

Porlock Weir

Community Project

In 2012 Porlock Parish Council set up a group called Porlock Futures to look for ways to improve employment in the Porlock area. In 2013 we started a project to grow and sell shellfish in Porlock Bay. This in an area where only 1/3 of the national average of school leavers stay in the area as there is little employment.

Following our success in being the first Pacific Oyster site in England & Wales to achieve the top A classification…

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Porlock Bay Oysters

We are growing the finest Pacific Oysters for you to enjoy.

Porlock Bay Oysters really are the best, we have attained the top A classification from the food standards agency. We are the only site in England and Wales to have this top classification for Pacific Oysters.

Pacific Oysters are one of the most natural, healthy and nutritional foods you can eat…

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