Where are the oysters?!
08 Sep

Where are the oysters?!

They are alive and well growing steadily under the waves at Redsands. I was on the site a couple of weeks ago with our operations manager, Tim Edwards and fellow Porlock Futures colleague, David Salter. I am delighted to report that the oysters are looking very healthy and are growing steadily by about 10% per month.

Earlier this year when we got the grant money from the Power To Change Fund we immediately bought the largest part grown oysters that were available at the time. Now the largest are averaging 65gms and to be big enough for sale, they need to be 75 – 100gms. So it is quite possible that we will have some to sell in October. Then the temperature of the sea water will drop and they will stop growing until April / May next year.

The hundreds of thousands of seed and small oysters that we have in our nursery site at Bigbury on the River Avon are growing extremely well. One of the reasons we have this nursery site is that the growing season is 6 – 8 weeks longer than the open sea and the growth is faster. Eventually we will bring the oysters in batches to Porlock and leave them in our waters until they acquire ‘The Porlock Taste’. Our top local chef, Andrew Dixon at The Café Porlock Weir has described our oysters as the best he has ever tasted. Martin Hesp a local food critic described them as a connoisseur’s oyster.

It is, of course, very frustrating waiting for our delicious oysters to grow as we would love to be selling them now.

But all good things are worth waiting for and we know that our Porlock Bay Oysters are really good.

Roger Hall

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