New Stock of Oysters Go On Sale!
03 Nov

New Stock of Oysters Go On Sale!

All summer we have been talking nicely to our oysters in the Bristol Channel, encouraging them to grow. And it has worked.

We recently completed our final grading of the oyster stock at Porlock for this growing season and we have sufficient oysters of saleable size to re-start supplying local restaurants and retail outlets this week.

We should be able to supply them until around Christmas.

We also have additional stock of saleable size at our nursery site at Bantham which we should be in a position to sell early in the new year.

With the Bantham stock growing well and the larger stock at Porlock close to saleable size we aim to be in a position to supply our customers on a regular basis by June or July next year.

We currently have around 75,000 oysters of varying size at Porlock and just under 500,000 seed and part grown oysters at Bantham.  We will take delivery of a further 550,000 seed oysters at Bantham in the spring of next year.

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