Latest News From Our Oyster Beds
01 Oct

Latest News From Our Oyster Beds

Our 80,000 assorted sized oysters are alive and well on their trestles in Porlock Bay.

We bought the very biggest ones available when we got our Power To Change grant in February.

Some of those are nearly big enough to sell. We will be carrying out an inspection at the next very low tide on 15/16 October.

If we have sufficient to sell we will notify our existing local customers and also let you know on this website.

After October the water temperature will be too low for them to grow until next April / May. They will just shiver throughout the winter months!

It is looking good for next summer when we will start our sales in earnest. We have hundreds of thousands of baby oysters at our nursery site in Devon and they are growing extremely well. They will provide our stock for the first 2 -3 years. They will be brought up to Porlock in batches and put into Porlock Bay to acquire that fabulous Porlock taste.

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