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Massive community support keeps on growing
27 Apr

Massive community support keeps on growing

We have already been amazed with the response of the Porlock Bay Community to our letter asking for expressions of interest to granting Porlock Futures C.I.C. loans for the company start-up and initial period.
Of 850 letters we have had 150 responses ‘pledging’ over £50,000. This is a remarkable demonstration of how much the Porlock community supports us.
Yesterday we invited everyone to attend an afternoon meeting in Porlock Village Hall.
About 80 people turned up to hear our progress report and future plans. We were subjected to searching questions – quite rightly. Then when we explained that because of a reduction in the available grant funding we still needed to raise more capital. The response was immediate, different people suggested doubling then loan offer, others suggested not taking any interest.
Several people said how pleased and proud they were of the both community and our oyster venture resulting in spontaneous and prolonged applause.
It makes all our efforts feel worthwhile.