Assessment Visit Complete
23 Oct

Assessment Visit Complete

Hello everyone.  We had our assessment visit yesterday from Power to Change and they confirmed we would be on the agenda for their grants meeting on November 25th. The team that came down will put together their assessment and recommendation for the committee and we will not be involved in any presentation or discussion.

It is still hard to read where we are. It was a good positive meeting clarifying various points and suggesting we add a bit more detail behind some of the finances to show figures are not just plucked from the air! For example, we need this much for stock to buy this many oysters of this size at this cost and where the cost figure comes from. Nothing that gives us a problem.

They didn’t raise any substantive queries or appear concerned with any aspect of the bid so it’s fingers crossed. It is however a competitive process and some ‘good’ bids won’t get through.

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